Friday, April 10, 2015

Resurrection Sunday/ Easter 2015

Hat: Walmart
Jacket: gift
Top: Stuff etc.
Skirt: Stuff etc.
Ankle boots: Rue21

Dress: Stuff etc.                       
Shoes: Wal-mart

Dress: Wal-mart
Shoes: Wal-mart  

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The start of Spring

My sister

Jacket> The Children's Place 

Jean jackets>gift
Tops> left, The children's place; right, walmart 

Jacket>The children's place
Boots> Timberlands 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

So I was at an 80's birthday party and had so much fun putting together my outfit. I did not want to go out buying whole bunch of items that I would not be wearing again. So I bought my lace finger-less gloves, pink top and fishnet tights. Everything else I owned. (Except for the 80's glasses.) Now I never wore my hair like this before. I added a texturizer and love the results!! I snuck into the bathroom to get some quick shots, so I don't have a full body shot. I wore pink heels with my fish net tights and a black skirt. 

Now I was born late 80's but I am pretty sure they had fun dressing up in these bright colors. I know I would have!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Heads up!

So I have started a new blog on wordpressimjustmakingit
. Both blogs will be slightly the same but different. I will post more diys, hairstyles and more on the other blog. 
This blog will focus more on modest wear. More like a look book.  My kids will also be featured more on the other blog. So please follow me there If you want more postings from me :)!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Very Late Black Friday Haul!

So during Thanksgiving dinner, my sister-in-law decided we should go check out the early black Friday deals at Rue21. (60%off everything) The original plan was to go to Forever21 but…that was like 20 min. away and who feels like driving that far right after eating a big meal. NOT ME!!!
To Rue21 we went! They actually had some really good deals like 2 MAXI SKIRTS FOR $20!  Sweatshirts for $12, sleepwear/slippers for $7, sweaters for $10, $3 beanies…etc.
My focus was the skirts. I was in great need for maxi skirts. I was getting so disappointed in my skirt selection. It was lacking in variety and not enough casuals
The original price for the skirts by themselves were $ 14.99 I got a tribal print and a floral one for 2 for $20

I also saw their $5.00 long-sleeved pullovers. I got one in black to go with my skirt and an off-white one. I needed some more long sleeves for this winter!

The last thing I got was this really cute backpack. When I previously went to the store I wanted one so bad but I think the price was like around $14.00. (I’m a really cheap person). I didn't like the price so I decided to skip it. This time the price was $8.80!!! SNAGGED IT!

My overall total with tax was $41.52. According to the receipt I saved $39.15.CRAZY!! I will post a OOTD of me wearing my outfit!

Here is there link to their site Rue21

Much Love-Lydie

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

stay modest


Don't give into the lust of the world, stay modest. It can be very hard to be modest and not feel like what you wear is not good enough. As Ladies we need to remember that we are not dressing for the attention or approval of the media, world, men... but we are dressing for the glory of God. What we wear is our uniform to show that we are God's people.

"But it's hard to find modes clothes at reasonable prices." Don't I know it. Their are some online stores that sell beautiful attire for the modest wearer, but the prices are not so much. I've learned to shop at thrift stores or stores like Wal-mart to find what I need. There are also stores like Rue21 or Forever21 that have really nice maxi dresses or skirts. Good at sewing? find some tutorials online or go purchases some cheap patterns. I also have a modesty Pinterest board with plenty of inspirations.